The Ocean Park Clothing Co. was founded in 2008 on Santa Monica Beach at Lifeguard Tower 26, where Ocean Park Boulevard hits the Pacific Ocean. There is a long history of surfing and skateboarding in this beach side town that was founded in 1892 by Abbot Kinney, the same man who founded Venice Beach. Ocean Park Clothing is inspired by this history and the lifestyle of this unique area.


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  1. Hi,

    I live in NYC and love wearing the black cap with white lettering. Do you have one of these in blue and can I also get another black with the yellow lettering?

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    • Hi George, thanks for the support in NYC. I think your cap with white lettering is the Starter design (with Santa Monica written above Ocean Park.) I have done those in navy blue, but need to check if any are still in stock. I think your black cap with yellow lettering is the License Plate design, which I do have in stock and can send to you. Please send an email to OceanParkClothing@gmail.com and we can get an order set up for you. Thanks!



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