The Ocean Park Clothing Co.

The Ocean Park pop-up shop at Double Shaka.

The Ocean Park Clothing Co. is a brand designed in Santa Monica California and inspired by the history and lifestyle of this area. Known for the now defunct Pacific Ocean Park, or P.O.P., radical surfing and skateboarding, the arts, and a beautiful year-round climate, Ocean Park is a paradise by the sea.


4 thoughts on “The Ocean Park Clothing Co.

  1. Hi,

    I live in NYC and just bought a hat in Santa Monica. A guy that worked at the shop was wearing a black hat with yellow letters. Is there any way I could get one of those bad boys?


    • Hi there, I think you mean the License Plate design. That has yellow letters like the old California license plates. I have those in stock and can send one to you. It is a snap-back that is one size fits all. I may have a few fitted in S-M and L-XL. Shoot an email to with size and address and I’ll send one out. I’ll have you PayPal or mail me a check for $26.00 including shipping. Thanks! Kevin.


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